Czechinsure is a professional insurance broker

We process your basic data in order to provide clients with insurance quotes. We do not misuse sell or other wise trade client data. We arrange quotes an contracts for you.

We provide you with professional services but at the same time we must also adhere to our legal obligations.

Any personal data that you share with us may be sent to an insurance company in order to process a quote/contract for you.

By Czech insurance law we have to keep our corespondance with you for 10 years. Emails etc

We process your data for the requested purposes. This includes the processing of quotes and cases where we conclude a new contract or where an already concluded contract is fulfilled. This typically involves the identification of your person. Another example involves the assumption of insurance risks, insurance administration, the settlement of claims and the provision of insurance benefits, including assistance services on the basis of an insurance policy concluded with our insurance company, where we need to know your identification information, as well as the information associated with the insured individual and the insured event.

The Czechinsure website uses google analytics and nothing else.

If you have any questions about your data privacy with Czechinsure, please be sure to ask.

Information Memorandum concerning the processing and protection of personal data