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Why not make Czech car insurance yourself? Our experience. We know which companies reply to your emails, we know who has the best POV, who has the best discounts and most iof all, we know how the Czech car insurance system works.

Under the Czech car insurance system it is the car that is insured, anyone with the owners permission to drive the car and a valid license is insured.

Czech car insurance will usually cover you outside CR. If you have Czech car insurance you will have what is called a Green Card for international driving. You should keep the green card with you at all times when driving. It proves to the police you are insured.

Czech insurance companies tend not to accept foreign no caims bonuses. Which can make a large difference in the price of your insurance.

POV is the minimum level of car insurance in CR

Povinné ručení is third party car insurance (POV) and is the minimum insurance you can have in Czech law.
POV covers you for the damage you may do to someone elses health or property. Kasko covers you for the damage you do to your own vehicle/property.

35/35 means that the driver would be insured up to 35 million Kcs for damage to someone else property and 35 million Kcs for damage to some other persons health.

Kasko is the name of full car insurance in CR

If you are looking for full car insurance you need to look for POV and Kasko.
You can take out POV (third party insurance) without Kasko. But if you want more complete insurance you need to add Kasko on top of the POV.


POV (Povinné ručení)
POV is 3rd party liability car insurance
This is the part of car insurance that covers the driver for damage that they cause to other peoples health or property.
POV does not cover you for damage you do to your own vehicle.
Czech POV (3rd party car insurance) is oftern written as 35/35, 60/50, 100/100, or 150/150.

You will often see POV listed from 35/35 and up. When POV is listed as 35/35 this would mean that in case of an accident a driver would be insured up to 35 million Kc for damage to someone else health or property.
60/50 would mean that you are insured for up to 60 million Kc damage to someones health and 50 million damage to their property.
150/150 would mean that you are insured up to 150 million Kc for damage to some one else's health or property.

A short answer is no, not really.
While 35 million kc may seem a sufficient amount of insurance, it is quite low for modern car insurance.
If you had an accident for 40 million Kc and you have 35/35 POV insurance you would be left will an outstanding bill of 5 million Kc that you would have to pay yourself.

POV 150/-150/ is not just 150 million kc s of insurance. While you look at POV insurance "packages" 150/150 will come with extra benefits.
100/100 will have extra benefits such as bonus protection, packages such as 150/150 will have the best benefits.
150/150 will usually have a part that locks the price of the contract for as long as the contract is valid and will also have a clause that covers your bonus in case of an accident. So for a few hundred more Kcs a year there can be a real benefit to taking 150/150 as opposed to 35/35.


Kasko is seperate to POV and Kasko covers damage that you may cause to your vehicle.
Under czech law you must have POV insurance to drive on public roads. But legally you do not need Kasko to drive on public roads.

A lot will depend on your contract.
Kasko can cover windscreen damage. But if you claim on your insurance it can affect your bonus. And under the Czech system you can lose up to 15% of your bonus.
There is extra "glass" cover in the Czech car insurance system that covers your bonus so if you claim it does not affect your bonus.

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