Easy to arrange Czech house insurance packages

Standard insurance covers personal property in your apartment such as laptops, TVs, washing machines, clothing, personal possessions and valuables and also includes personal liability insurance all in a complete package.

Building Insurance

Insurance for your house or apartment. This type of insurance covers the building itself. Insurance against fire, natural disasters, or flood damage.

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Personal property insurance

For when you want to insure your personal property against fire, flood theft or general natural disasters, this is the insurance you need.

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Standard home insurance is suitable for covering the following risks:

Natural disasters
Damage from fire or explosions
Water damage, such as leaks from water pipes, washing machines, dishwashers, hot water installation etc.
Fire/smoke damage

Personal liability insurance

Personal liability insurance is usually included in house insurance policies and covers you and your family members. This insurance covers:
Cover inside and outside the home
World wide cover
Family members
Unintentional damage to a neighbors property
and more

Home owners insurance

This insurance covers your property against natural risks such as:
Fire, explosion, plane crash
Windstorm or hail
Landslides, falling rocks or soil, sliding or avalanches
Falling trees, poles or other objects
Weight of snow or ice
Direct ligh-tning strikes, windstorms, hail, damage from heavy snow or ice, and more.

General contract exclusions

Property from your work is often excluded from standard house insurance. This is not usually important unless you work from home.
If you have your work equipment at home (laptop, phone etc) they may not be insured.

General insurance does not cover damage caused directly or indirectly or in connection with:
nuclear energy, radioactive contamination
all kinds of war and other armed conflicts
internal unrest, revolution, secession, rebellion, coup, public coup or other violent riots, or strikes
confiscation, nationalization
the declaration of martial law

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