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Czech travel insurance

Travel insurance with Czechinsure.

We can help you arrange your travel insurance in a couple of hours and have the relevant travel insurance documents sent to your email address.
If you require travel/health insurance for a holiday or trip outside the Czech Republic you can arrange the insurance through us in English. We can help you arrnage travel insurance for yourself or your family in a matter of hours.

You can arange your travel insurance for outside for Europe or worldwide through us.
If you have any questions please contact us for a free no obligation quote.

Worldwide, multitrip, travel insurance from as little as 4980 czk per year

Whether it is a single road trip, a prolonged visit home or repeated business trips abroad, Czechinsure can provide travel insurance cover for you when you inside and outside the Czech Republic.

If you are planning an extended trip home, and you think you may not be insured for your home country, contact us for a quote for insurance that can cover an extended stay abroad.

Your Czech health insurance or a European health insurance card is not a substitute for travel insurance as it may not cover all foreign medical costs and will not cover repatriation costs.
If this is the case may want to take out separate travel insurance to cover those risks.

Why choose Czechinsure for your travel insurance?

If you are not Czech, travel insurance simplifies you holiday plans
We provide affordable individual travel insurance plans and family insurance plans
For low cost we can help simplify your insurance inside or outside the Czech Republic
Along with travel insurance, we provide private and family medical insurance cover.

We can provide travel insurance for:
prolonged stays abroad
holidays abroad, short stays in the Czech Republic as well as sightseeing trips
individuals, families or companies
employees sent abroad by their companies or organisations for long-term business trips
study trips as well as internships
6, 9 or 12 months and destinations (Europe or the whole World)
families with children
companies and institutions

Active Assistance

The travel insurance we provide comes with worldwide 24/7 assistance in English.
service of EuroAlarm and service centres, Euro-Centers, strategically located around the World, help is always close at hand. Our international group disposes of more than 60.000 contacts to hospitals and doctors all around the World. Therefore, regardless of where you are, help is just a phone call away. We shall find and recommend a suitable medical facility where you are staying.
The Active Assistance service ensures doctors are in permanent contact with you. When Assistance is informed about your admission to a hospital they assess the quality of the facility immediately. In case the standard of services in the hospital is not sufficient enough, they arrange a prompt transport to another more suitable facility. During the hospitalization our doctors communicate with the foreign attending physicians and the Assistance service informs your relatives about every development in your health.