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Payment information

Most insurance payments are made directly to the insurance company.
Once everything is agreed we explain everything you need to know about the payments and how to pay the insurance company directly.
There are however times when paying the insurance conmpany is not possible, mostly when arranging health insurance. In such a case we can accept various methods of payment, please see the options below.

Czech bank transfers

Bank transfers within CR are accceptable and we prfer Czech bank transfers. We can release insurance documents once we have proof of paymentfrom the client. Czech bank transfers are fast and efficient.

International bank transfers

It is possible to pay by international bank transfer for health insurance.
International bank transfers can be quite slow so be sure to take this into account when purchasing Czech health insurance.


We can accept cash payments for health insurance but most other insurance payments are made directly to the insurance company.
In cases where e accept cash payments we always issue a valid, legal receipt.

Credit card

We can accept credit card payments from anywhere in the world.
We have our own payment gate in coopration with Harpag. Using our own payment gate is not only secure but it is very fast and there are no external charges or fees. Although there are standard currency converion fees.

Payment by invoice

We can issue invoices upon request.
Please note: When we issue invoices it usually takes some time for the recieving company to clear the invoice and issue payment. This does slow down the process of issuing health insurance documents.