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Czech student health insurance

Health insurance is mandatory in CR.
Therefore, if you will be a student in CR, you will need health insurance that matches Czech visa regulations for you to collect your visa.

If you know what you are looking for you can arrange the insurance in the link below.
Czech student health insurance

If you need more information plese see below.

Czech student health insurance

Student 15 - 26 years olds
Requires valid proof of studies
Needs to be a full time student in CR

The Czech visa application process can be complicated but you do not need show any health insurance until you have been notified your visa is ready for collection

Once your visa is ready for collection the embassy will send you an email about collecting your completed visa. This is the point when you need relevant health insurance.

We can provide the documentation that is suitable to collect your visa. We send documents all over the world on a daily basis.

100% guarantee

All the health insurance we provide is suitable for Czech visa applications Czech residence permits.
We guarantee that the Czech health insurance we provide is suitable for Czech visa applications, visa renewals and residence permits with the Czech foreign police and the Czech Ministry of the interior.

We can provide you with an up-to-date quote before you buy

In order to provide you with an up to date quote we need from you:
A copy of the information page of your passport
The Czech address you are using for your visa application
A start date and an end date for the insurance.

With this information we can supply you with different options for your heallth insurance.

Czech private health insurance (CPHI)

Important things to know about Czech private health insurance.

The whole subject of Czech private health insurance is difficult to explain in a few sentences or in a single article.
Czech private health insurance (CPHI) is quite specific insurance is designed to meet Czech visa regulations as laid down by the Ministry of the interior.
CPHI is designed to meet all the Czech visa regulations and is different from usual "western" private health insurance.
CPHI is aslo designed to "to be equal to" and run parallel to Czech state health insurance.
There is no deductible or co-pay with this type of helath insurance.
This type of health insurance is for people who will live in CR on a Czech visa or residence permit, are non EU and who will not be employed in CR on a regular Czech employment contract.
CPHI breaks down into to main catagories, Basic health insurance that covers emergency treatment only. Complex/Comprehensive health insurance which covers emergency treatment and usual doctors vists when you are sick.

How to use Czech private health insurance

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